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    Sanghvi Cricket Academy

Sports is a very essential part of our life. It keeps us fit and healthy and also takes us forward in this competitive world. It also helps us in maintaining our 'strength and keeps our body agile and Powerful. As Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science is known for its curricular activities it is also known for its co-curricular activities. This Institute Supports its students a lot in their sports activities.

In Sanghvi Institute of Management and Science, Indore equal importance is given to the academic as well as sports activitie. In our institute we take specific interest in organizing outdoor as well as indoor games like Cricket, Basketball, Football, Handball, Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Table Tennis, Chess etc.

We have two separate fields for Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Kho Kho and Handball. We have a Recreation Center for all the indoor sports facilities like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom with a Fitness Center.

Our sports Players have participated at various levels like University, Distt, State, and National. In order to encourage the sports Players, our Institute has given many facilities to the National & University players. But, all these facilities are given to those students who maintain regularity in the class & perform well in academic field as well.

Our students not only participated but they have brought recognition to the new Institutes by gaining award at various places. Our ten-year-old institute is now famous among the various other Engineering and Management institutes especially, in sports.

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Name of the Event


Type of Event

Numeric Only International/ National/ State level
1 2012-13 Basketball {M} 1 National (SVNIT Surat)
2 Handball {M} 2 National (SVNIT Surat)
3 Cricket {M} 1 State (SATI Vidishi)
4 Basketball {M} 2 National (BITS Goa)
1 2013-14 Cricket {M} 2 State (Red bull)
2 Basketball {M} 1 National (BITS Goa)
1 2014-15 Basketball {M} 2 State (IMG Reliance )
2 Basketball {M} 1 National (IIM Indore)
3 Cricket {M} 1 National (IIM Indore)
4 Cricket {M} 2 National (BITS Goa)
5 Cricket {M} 2 State (RKDF, Bhopal)
1 2015-16 Cricket {M} 2 State (SRK Bhopal)
Sports Department
S.No. Name of Event Name of Boys Players Branch/Year Position Name of girls Players Branch/ Year Position
01 Table Tennis 24/08/2015 to 26/08/2015 Ashay Verma Civil/III yr. 00
Aman Patil Civil/III yr.
Amit Jatav Civil/II yr.
Rewant Dhandorkar ME/IV
02 Kabaddi 07/09/2015 to 10/09/2015 Sawan Sharma Civil/IV yr. Runner-up State Level
Vikash Sharma Civil/III yr. Manisha Awayasa EC/II yr
Piyush Jain Civil/III yr. Neetu Mandloi CS/II yr
Mayank Trivadi Civil/II yr. Aswani BE/I yr.
Sonu Puri ME/III Yr.
Ravindra Choudhary BE/ I yr.
Animash Choudhary BE/ I yr.
Vikash Choudhary BE/ I yr.
Vijay Tiwari BE/ I yr.
03 Cross-country 11/09/2015 to 12/09/2015 Uttam Paswan BE/I yr. 2nd Position State Level Manisha Awasiya EC/II yr
Sonu Puri ME/III Yr.
Vikaram Bist BE/ I yr.
04 Basketball 14/09/2015 to 16/09/2015 Harsh Patidar Civil / IV yr. State Level 00
Kushagra Jhmad Civil / IV yr.
Sonu Puri ME/III Yr.
Kundan Jat ME/III Yr.
Rohul Singh ME/III Yr.
Gaurav Bagora CS/IV yr.
Anikat Verma CS/II yr.
Ritash Verma CS/II yr.
05 Chess 17/09/2015 to 18/09/2015 Dhamandra Dhangar Civil/III yr. 00
Shivam Sharma CS/III yr.
Shubham Ahirwar BE/I yr.
Kushal Jain BE/I yr.
Sourabh Shau BE/I yr.
06 Swimming 29/09/2015 Gaurav Bagora Civil/III yr. 2nd Podition 00
07 Badminton 01/10/2015 to 02/10/2015 Shivam Mishra Civil / IV yr. State Level 00
Manvandra Singh ME/IV yr.
08 Volleyball 05/10/2015 to 07/10/2015 Mayur Mishra Civil/III yr. 00 EC/II yr State Level
Goutam Bahrgava Civil/III yr.
Dhamandra Dhangra Civil/III yr.
Sharavan Namdev Civil/III yr.
Kapil Patidar Civil/III yr.
Sawan Sharma Civil/IV yr.
Parag Chouhan Civil/IV yr.
09 Football 28/10/2015 To 01/11/2015 Raghav Rathi CS/IV yr 00
Palash Ved CS/IV yr.
Rewant Dhankar ME/IVYr.
Gaurav Bhatam ME/II Yr.
David Birla ME/IV yr.
Nitin Nayar IT/IV yr.
Yash Mohiyte IT/IV yr.
Abhishek Shukla Civil / IV yr.
Ishan Porwal Civil /IIIyr.
Vetant Rawat Civil/ II yr.
Mayank Triwedi Civil /II Yr.
Deepak Mandloi Civil/II yr.
Kanchan Pun BE/ I yr.
Raghav Wishvakarma BE/ I yr.
10 Cricket 30/10/2015 To 06/11/2015 Prateek Sharma CS/IV yr Semi-final 00
Honey Sharma Civil/ IV yr.
Manmohan Singh Civil/ IV yr.
Vihar Shinde Civil/ IV yr.
Shubham Sharaf Civil/ IV yr.
Yash Dhakoliya CS/IV Yr.
Yash Dave CS/IV Yr.
Verdhaman Sharma EC/IV
Himanshu Sen ME/III Yr.
Tanvish Kalra CS/III Yr.
Shahruk Khan Civil/ II yr.
Amitesh Bhagal Civil/ II Yr.
Shamarth Shah Civil/II Yr.
Upandra Pawar Civil / II Yr.
Anand Verma Civil / II Yr.
Asif BE/I yr.
11 Netball 28/11/2015 to 29/11/2015 Harsh Patidar Civil/ IV yr. Runner-up Manisha Awasiya EC/ II Yr. Runner-up
Kushagra Jhmad Civil/ IV yr. Disha Rathor BE/I Yr.
Paras Singh Tomar Civil/ III yr. Tivya Soni BE/I Yr.
Himanshu Sen ME/III Yr. Seema Arsey BE/I Yr.
Sonu Puri ME/III Yr. Seemaran Karaiya BE/I Yr.
Kundan Jat ME/III Yr. Seeta Chouchan BE/I Yr.
Katan Singh ME/III Yr. Mona Pathariya BE/I Yr.
Anikat Verma CS/II Yr. Namrata Yadav BE/I Yr.
Ritash Verma CS/II Yr. Rishita Pandiya BE/I Yr.
Gaurav Bagora CS/IV Yr. Neetu Mandloi CS/II Yr.
Kanchan Pun BE/ I yr.
Robinson Thapa BE/ I yr.
12 Athletics 23/11/2015 to 24/11/2015 Vishal Shrivastava ME/III Yr. 2nd (5000 Mt & 1000 Mts 2nd Shout –put Manisha Awasiya EC/ II Yr. 1st Position (400 Mt)
Katen Singh ME/III Yr. Disha Rathor BE/ I yr.
Himanshu Sen ME/III Yr. Seema Arsey BE/ I yr.
Bilaluddin ME/III Yr.
Uttam Paswan BE/ I Yr.
Shubham Prajapat Civil / III Yr.
Mayur Mishra Civil/ III yr.